Athletic Development


We conduct clinics regularly.  While the topics will vary, it is due principally to the questions our athletes ask.  We see no point in advertising. Instead, we feel as though clinics offer the space and the time for athletes and those who aspire to achieve; long-term health, performance, comfort, symmetry or a return to normalcy the opportunity to learn, reflect, comment and question.  The clinic is our forum for getting into adequate detail about movement, metabolism, cardiovascular adaptation and still have time to address individual concerns.

Junior Athletes

There are concerns and these are given adequate time and consideration in the pre-evaluation meet and greet.  Pre and pubescent, male or female, balancing education, family and the demands of providing for your child are each addressed.  If you’re seeking to acclimate your son or daughter to the demands of a new sport then we can safely progress them.  We encourage functional movement patterns and sustainable strength increases over time.

The best training we can offer is the one that takes all of you into account, minimizes the risk of injury or re-injury and progresses you safely towards and sometimes, with dedication and commitment, beyond your goals.


If you are pursuing faster on the bike, then delivering the highest possible watts at threshold is the name of the game.  Kilowatt practices less is more and we would love to explain how to gain performance and ensure adequate recovery.


Discover how to do the absolute lowest amount of work to maintain current velocity and then turn a corner and punish your rivals, repeatedly.  Let’s enhance your engine and you can take this capability to the next race.  In season or out, there is a way to safely and reliably create faster; faster accelerations, faster recoveries and more efficient steady state riding.


There is no greater demand on a cyclist than mountain bike.  You have to do everything the road racer does while managing traction.  1-2 miles per hour and you’re doing more work than you ever have in your life.  Then you crest and now you’ve run out of gearing but you have to find a way to recover, actively.

Kilowatt will increase your capacity to do work and recover faster for the next terrain feature or attack.


38s to the end and you need to perform for every single second.  You want tight control over your ability to develop maximum power.  Spend a very small but intense amount of time indoors and see the results outdoors.  Want to practice starts in higher and higher roll-outs?  Want to achieve higher and higher peak RPMs and hold them? Schedule your first visit and let’s get you started.


Once we establish the what; multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, we can then provide a controlled environment and informed program development to push for increases in your capacity to do work.  Bridging asymmetry, increasing your time to fatigue and getting you to the finish line without regressing is our focus.  

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