We start by taking a long look at where you want to go and where you are coming from.  Existing range of motion, past training history, dedicated cyclist or Tri-sport, orthopedic issues, neophyte or veteran; these are all reasons why you will be trained as an individual, as who you are on that day at that time.

We welcome you and your family to our facility. Our Westlake, California location permits a ride-in and ride-out training environment. Get up to temperature on any of our trails and roads and then ride in to plug-in and be provided with a session that provides intervals with a sense of purpose, adaptable skills and guaranteed cardiovascular adaptation on-bike.  Off-bike, our staff will take you through a proactive approach towards your sport, not a reactive one.  We teach, guide and encourage two-way dialogue throughout the process.  Kilowatt provides an inclusive atmosphere combined with exclusive access to an individualized training environment.  No one provides our blend of performance gains and we achieve this by taking into account all of who you are and how to safely get you there.

Review our testimonials and take a look at our coaches.  We take women and your pursuits seriously.  Endurance athlete, your first Triathlon or the wedding is imminent.  Bring your commitment and open your schedule so we can get this done.  Kilowatt gives you the tools and challenges you to give more in training so you get more out of your sport and life.  We look forward to working with you.

For those junior athletes that are seeking whole body strength and power to enhance their existing sport performance then we will bring in an expert.  Once it has been established that there are no pre-existing orthopedic limitations, we will then perform baseline strength and range of motion testing.  From there a program will be designed and instruction provided.  Your son or daughter will be encouraged to practice so we provide set hours to perform Olympic lifts on the premises.

In the event that your junior athlete is a cyclist, then we’ll begin with a conversation about how best to integrate our training environment into all of your junior athlete’s existing obligations.  There are a number of paths to take and they depend on a number of factors.  First and foremost is age as we take your son or daughters short and long-term health seriously.  Prior to engaging in any structured training protocol we will need to elaborate on why we place limits on exertion levels and durations.  The next most important question is what is your cyclist’s discipline?  BMX riders are taken down a very different road than a mountain biker or road rider.  While each will benefit from a properly structured off-bike strengthening program, the on-bike protocols could not be more disparate.

Maintaining your current bone density and strength without risking joint inflammation or injury is the goal.  We will take you through the fundamentals of sitting, standing, reaching, pulls, pushes and improve your confidence in completing your day to day obligations.  Kilowatt will take the time and has the ability and education to safely improve your strength, balance and movement.  We’re happy to provide references so you can gain insight from our current clients on what we do and how we do it.

Kilowatt was created to provide safe place for those who now find themselves challenged and seeking guidance.  What is safe for athletes with MS, ALS or Parkinsons?  What do I have to do to prepare for this event?  Please review our testimonials and feel free to contact them.  We have acquired the education and will provide you with the environment for safely mounting that bike, hiking that trail or sustaining your ability to accomplish the day to day tasks which signify autonomy and self-reliance.

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