Treating each athlete as an individual means we provide various levels of service.  Kilowatt offers dedicated one-on-one training that provides time for training in pedaling mechanics, working through off-bike strengthening and performing intervals that are anchored to baseline performances.

If you have the time and prefer a higher degree of structure, then we have four, eight and twelve week training protocols.  These can be accessed via® using our machines.  These programs are all wattage based but do not require a personal powermeter, as you will be driven to and sometimes safely beyond your limits on our Computrainers.

COMMUTERS – We have a program tailored to you and your decision to reduce the footprint.  You’re carrying supplies, a change of clothes, nutrition and everything you require to quickly repair roadside.  We take a look at you, your bike and your position relative to all of the above.  Then we ride alongside and play devils advocate.  Braking and evasive maneuvers, scanning all points of entry or exit, negotiating twilight and sunset and as accommodating as our weather can be, we still have to plan ahead.  In the event that you were considering using your bicycle as a means of recreation AND transport, then we’ll guide you through all of the above and discuss route selection and if it can be negotiated, a ride along on your first commute.

While you strive to complete your first century, half-Ironman or 5-minute interval, your body delivers the necessary energy by seamlessly migrating from one energy system to the next.  Our 30-45-90 day structure follows this same imperceptible transition.  Under our coaches guidance, your quantifiable performance gains come first from guiding you through improved pedaling mechanics.  This is coupled with instruction on shifting strategies organic to your discipline.  In addition, real-time, loaded cycling to aid in migrating you towards the most comfortable and thus the most productive position we can establish.

You’re faster in the first 30 days not from some magically expedited cardiovascular change, but from approaching all of the above in a more effective manner.

Through continued practice, your body will begin to take a new more productive direction. One that builds in general efficiency both mechanically and metabolically while beginning the process of forcing cardiovascular and neurological adaptations, simultaneously.

The 45th day will evidence real cardiovascular changes.  You will effect changes at the level of both your blood and muscle.  The neuromuscular adaptations are taking hold, but you will need to maintain a consistent approach towards modifying your mechanics and or your position.  Breathing rhythms can now be maintained while sustaining efforts just beneath maximum effort.  Periods requiring substantially higher pedal torques are now being met with confidence.  This is the confluence of benefits afforded those who train consistently and smartly.

By the time you are approaching your 90th day of training, you will feel and see changes, in acceleration, endurance, recovery, laboratory values and quality of life. Sustaining the fitness, tapering for events, breaking through a long-term glass ceiling, seeing you through your first ever event or getting you safely out and on the roads and trails, this is what we love to be a part of.

We know time is precious so spend some of it with us and learn how less can be truly more.

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