Science based and with quantifiable progress

There are emphases, points of focus and we will explain the why should I being doing this?  What is this targeting?  Where will this lead me?  When and how often and who are you to tell me to do this and not that?

The who is a group of trainers with a minimum of a four-year university degree.  Then our cycling coaches pursue USA Cycling licensure.  We are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and we accumulate this knowledge not because it is mandated, but so that we stay in touch with science based training methods.

We cannot claim progress without first agreeing to a metric or set thereof.  For some it is tied to girth reduction while others are seeking range of motion and strength increases.  Cyclists often track power to weight ratios alongside 5 second, 3 minute, 20 minute and 1-hour power.  If you need to be brought up to speed on what a watt is in relation to cycling then this is where we start.  For junior athletes we will track heart rate, exertion levels, dexterity, coordination and strength.

Whether you’re seeking a return to normalcy or quantifiable increases in strength and power as an athlete, then this all begins with a conversation.  If there is agreement on how to safely progress you towards your goals and compliance is established, then we have the basis for moving forward.

Best practice and do no harm.

Some arrive at a point where they did not anticipate ever being while others see the train coming.  What you will get within Kilowatt is consistent reinforcement and sound guidance on approaching your present limits so you can avoid any tipping points. Your progression is forward and while it almost never happens fast enough, with commitment, patience and our training environment we will make those gains happen, even if this means losing.  Losing your fear of climbing stairs because you know you have to come down them.  Anxiety related to rapid descents on your road or mountain bike.  Doubts about your fitness ahead of the Mt. Whitney climb or your first Olympic distance Triathlon.  The unease associated with recovering from reconstructive surgery and the return to normalcy.  Take a look through our testimonials and see if their stories inspire you to commit.

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