Marc Kaplan

“I began training with Andrew Gonzalez at Kilowatt less than a year ago. My primary objective was improved performance on my mountain bike so I could get more out of my weekend rides. Within a few months I experienced a noticeable difference in my overall endurance level – I could go farther faster. Andrew also worked with me to address injuries sustained from years of unguided weight training. His deep understanding of the human body has enabled him to quickly identify and address problem areas. The result is less pain and a more constructive approach in the gym.

Kilowatt is more than just a training facility. It’s a community of individuals committed to getting more out of life. Andrew fosters a supportive, upbeat culture that serves as an infectious source of positive motivation. Whether you’re a competitive roadie, a weekend trail rider or simply looking for improved quality of life, I highly recommend Kilowatt to increase the probability of reaching your goals and achieving success.”

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